2nd & 3rd August 2010

Bowdon's Ian Lines, David Walters, Andrew Winn and Ken Cooper were members of a North West Federation
team of seven that played the visiting Australians (the Mac team plus Greg and Malcolm Fletcher). The lawns at Southport
were in good condition, though quite green and easy after all the recent rain. Day 1 started well for the NW Fed with two wins in the doubles, but
the Australians began to assert themselves in the afternoon singles and continued into Day 2.

The star performance from the NW Fed was Dave Nick (Crake Valley), with a win in the doubles
and 4 wins out of 5 in the singles.

Southport provided excellent lunches and afternoon teas, which were enjoyed by all the players and about 30 spectators.

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Doubles (NW Fed names first)
 Ian Lines & Andrew Winn lost to Stephen Forster & Martin Clarke -11tpo (C)
 David Walters & Dave Nick beat Robert Fletcher & Ian Dumergue +12tp (N)
 Ken Cooper & Lee Hartley beat Pete Landrebe & Kevin Beard +4
Ian Lines & Andrew Winn lost to Pete Landrebe & Kevin Beard -24
David Walters & Dave Nick lost to Stephen Forster &Martin Clarke -17tp
Lee Hartley & Ken Cooper beat Robert Fletcher & Ian Dumergue +4
Paul Rigge & Steve Jones* lost to Greg Fletcher & Malcolm Fletcher -7
(*) honorary NW Fed player

 Singles (NW Fed names first)
 Paul Rigge lost to Greg Fletcher -20qp
 Dave Nick beat Stephen Forster +13tpo
 Ken Cooper lost to Robert Fletcher -25
 Ian Lines lost to Ian Dumergue -26tp
 Paul Rigge lost to Malcolm Fletcher -13tpo
 Lee Hartley lost to Martin Clarke -7tpo
 David Walters lost to Pete Landrebe -5
 Ken Cooper lost to Stephen Forster -26tp
 Andrew Winn lost to Kevin Beard -8
 Paul Rigge lost to Martin Clarke -14
 Lee Hartley lost to Robert Fletcher -24tp
 Dave Nick beat Ian Dumergue +16
 Ian Lines lost to Greg Fletcher -17tp
 David Walters lost to Malcolm Fletcher -24
 Andrew Winn lost to Pete Landrebe -13tpo
 Ken Cooper lost to Kevin Beard -17
 Lee Hartley lost to Stephen Forster -24tp
 Paul Rigge lost to Robert Fletcher -26tp
 David Walters beat Ian Dumergue +15
 Ian Lines lost to Martin Clarke -16tpo
 Dave Nick beat Greg Fletcher +3
Andrew Winn lost to Malcolm Fletcher -26
Dave Nick beat Pete Landrebe +26tp
David Walters beat Martin Clarke +26
Ian Lines lost to Kevin Beard -22
Andrew Winn lost to Steven Forster -4
Lee Hartley lost to Greg Fletcher -13tp
David Walters lost to Kevin Beard -20
Dave Nick lost to Robert Fletcher -13tpo
Andrew Winn lost to Martin Clarke -26tp
Ian Lines beat Malcolm Fletcher +12
Ken Cooper lost to Ian Dumergue -6
Paul Rigge beat Pete landrebe +4