Before the EGM, the following notice was sent out to club members:

An Extraordinary General Meeting of the club has been called on 15th July at 7:30pm to discuss future plans for the development of the clubhouse. 
Following is a statement by Club President Martin Granger Brown.

"An EGM for the Next Century.

The EGM on the 15th July will hear and debate proposals for a “Renaissance” of our loved and venerable Clubhouse. Our strong sub-committee had a wide remit and everyone should be interested to hear their conclusions, as we approach the centenary year in 2011. There will be choices to be made and budgetary limits to be agreed, which will affect us all. A quorum of voting members is 25, but more would give a really substantial endorsement to whatever emerges from our debate. Come many, come early, make it a real party. 

Note: The last EGM was 30 years ago, when electricity replaced the gas lights and Barry Keen laid the cables! Do buy the Club History, you are part of it."
48 voting club members attended the EGM, and the committee reiterated the aim of the meeting, as laid out in the agenda.

House Manager Barry Keen told the members that the clubhouse urgently needed some work doing to it just to keep it in good order, e.g. repair the leaking roof in the ladies, replace floorboards in the gents, repair rotting windows in the main room, replace the electrical wiring, etc. While these jobs were being done, he proposed that more extensive work should be undertaken in view of the healthy state of the club's finances.

The plans of the sub-committee assigned to this work were put forward for approval and each member was issued with a schematic copy, along with images of how the club might look. Treasurer Barry McKenzie issued a forecast for the next 5 years showing how the club will be able to survive financially.

The membership was asked to approve an upper limit on the spend of £50,000 and this was carried almost unanimously.