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Friday 7th - Sunday 9th May. The Peel Memorial Handicap Singles for Men (Southport)

Congratulations to Abdul Ahmed who won the Men’s Peels at Southport last weekend. 
He also had his handicap reduced to 4.

  Barry Keen                     Abdul Ahmad

Saturday 8th May. NW Federation Golf (Heaton Park)

Margaret Russell played in the final against Garry Greenwood but lost 7-6 on the Golden Hoop.

Margaret can be seen with David Barrett (Chairman of the NW Fed.), Garry Greenwood and Jean Hargreaves.

Also representing Bowdon at the tournament was Alison Court.

Sunday 9th May.  Bowdon Saints won 8-1 away to Bury (NW Federation Advanced League, Heaton Park)
David Barrett (0.5) beat Richard Smith (2)  +15(T)
Ken Anderton (4.5) lost to Ian Lines (-2)  -25tp
Tony Phillips (4.5) lost to David Walters (-1.5)  -16
David Barrett lost to David Walters  -12
Ken Anderton lost to Richard Smith  -2(T)
Tony Phillips lost to Ian Lines   -26tp
  David Barrett lost to Ian Lines  -23tp
Ken Anderton lost to David Walters  -8
Tony Phillips lost to Richard Smith  -3(T)

Ian Lines (Captain)

David Walters

Richard Smith

Sunday 9th May.  Bowdon Firs lost 5-2 at home to Fylde (NW Federation Handicap League)
 Lorna Frost (6) & Steve Reynolds (9) lost to Lee Hartley (-½) & Ian Theakston (18)
Frank Moir
(2½) lost to Peter Wilson (2½) -21
Phil Hunter (10) beat Martin Bradshaw (9) +24
Frank Moir beat Lee Hartley
Lorna Frost  lost to Peter Wilson -5
Steve Reynolds lost to Martin Bradshaw -21
Phil Hunter lost to Ian Theakston -15

Steve Reynolds (Captain)

Frank Moir

Lorna Frost

Philip Hunter