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(1st-3rd May 2010)

Winner: John Lucas

Runner-Up: Mick Haytack Winner of Egyptian: Dave Holland

John Lucas in play in the final
Mick Haytack in play in the final

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Day 3: Knockout Phase
David Holland

David Holland +18

Mick Haytack +22

John Lucas +9
Ken Cooper
Mick Haytack
Mick Haytack +13
Barry McKenzie
Lorna Frost
John Lucas +8
John Lucas +20

John Lucas
Steve Reynolds Steve Reynolds +23
Andrew Webb

Bronze: Sue Cooper
Silver:  Janet Guthrie

John Lucas 9 to 8
Dave Holland 12 to 11


Sue Cooper beat Alan Mayne +24
Robin Delves beat Derek Buxton +3T
Malcolm Daines beat Tony Whateley +5
Howard Bowron beat John Saxby +11
Margaret Russell beat Barry Keen +11
John Larmouth beat Ros Pimlott +5T
Francois Garcia beat John Wastell +2
Janet Guthrie beat Carol Steinberg +17
Alan Mayne beat Ken Cooper +5
Derek Buxton beat Sue Cooper +16
Barry McKenzie beat Howard Bowron +25
Barry Keen beat Howard Bowron +12

Lorna Frost beat Tony Whateley +14
Alan Mayne beat Barry Keen +4
Francois Garcia beat Howard Bowron +5T
John Wastell beat Margaret Russell +12
Janet Guthrie beat Derek Buxton +3T
David Holland beat Malcolm Daines +5T
Barry McKenzie beat John Lucas +23
Mick Haytack beat Ros Pimlott +2T
Ken Cooper beat Steve Reynolds +1T
John Saxby beat John Larmouth +13T
Sue Cooper beat Robin Delves +2T
Andrew Webb beat Carol Steinberg +2T
Tony Whateley beat Alan Mayne +25
Barry Keen beat Ros Pimlott +11
Howard Bowron beat Margaret Russell +15
David Holland beat Barry McKenzie +10
Mick Haytack beat Francois Garcia +15
John Lucas beat Malcolm Daines +13
John Saxby beat Derek Buxton +10T
Lorna Frost beat Janet Guthrie +12
Andrew Webb beat John Wastell +3
Sue Cooper beat John Larmouth +10T
Robin Delves beat Carol Steinberg +4T
Steve Reynolds beat Tony Whateley +13T
David Holland beat Ken Cooper +16
Malcolm Daines beat Alan Mayne +26

Lorna Frost beat Robin Delves +1T
Howard Bowron beat John Wastell +13
Malcolm Daines beat John Saxby +16
Andrew Webb beat Sue Cooper +7
Tony Whateley beat Barry Keen +6
Ken Cooper beat Derek Buxton +11
Steve Reynolds beat John Larmouth +13T
Carol Steinberg beat Mick Haytack +4T
John Lucas beat Alan Mayne +22
Francois Garcia beat Ros Pimlott +6T
Barry McKenzie beat Janet Guthrie +26
David Holland beat Margaret Russell +9T
Malcolm Daines beat Howard Bowron +8T
Mick Haytack beat John Saxby +9
Derek Buxton beat Barry Keen +2
Ken Cooper beat Tony Whateley +7
Steve Reynolds beat Lorna Frost +12
Robin Delves beat John Larmouth +12
John Wastell beat Alan Mayne +3
Janet Guthrie beat Sue Cooper +11T
David Holland beat Francois Garcia +15
Margaret Russell beat Ros Pimlott +9
Barry McKenzie beat Carol Steinberg +1T
John Lucas beat Andrew Webb +9
Malcolm Daines beat Barry Keen +3


Lawn 1, Bowdon Lawn 3 from the new viewing gallery

Andrew Webb - Pendle & Craven Barry Keen - Bowdon
Barry McKenzie - Bowdon

Dave Holland - Bowdon
Francois Garcia - Bowdon
Janet Guthrie - Bowdon

John Lucas - Bowdon
John Saxby - Bowdon
John Wastell - Bowdon

Ken Cooper - Bowdon
Howard Bowron - Penrith

Manager Lorna Frost - Bowdon
Tea Monitor Colin Wild - Bowdon

Carol Steinberg - Bowdon Derek Buxton - Ashby

John Lucas - Bowdon
Sue Cooper - Bowdon

Malcolm Daines - Huddersfield Syngenta
Margaret Russell - Bowdon

John Larmouth - Bowdon
Robin Delves - Pendle & Craven
Janet Guthrie & Steve Reynolds - Bowdon
Alan Mayne & John Wastell - Bowdon

Ken Cooper
Bowdon -0.5
Francois Garcia
Bowdon 7
Mick Haytack
Ashby 10
Margaret Russell
Bowdon 12
Alan Mayne
Bowdon 0.5
Malcolm Daines
Huddersfield Syngenta 8

Barry Keen
Bowdon 10
John Saxby
Bowdon 12
John Wastell
Bowdon 2.5
Janet Guthrie
Bowdon 8
Steve Reynolds
Bowdon 10
John Larmouth
Bowdon 14
Andrew Webb
Pendle & Craven 4.5
John Lucas
Bowdon 9
Robin Delves
Pendle & Craven 12
Barry McKenzie
Bowdon 14
Lorna Frost
Bowdon 6

Howard Bowron
Penrith 10
David Holland
Bowdon 12
Sue Cooper
Bowdon 16
Tony Whateley
Glasgow 6
Derek Buxton
Ashby 10
Ros Pimlott
Bowdon 12
Carol Steinberg
Bowdon 16