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The North West Federation of Croquet Clubs invited all of the clubs in the area to request any CA-based course that they thought might be useful to their members. A number of experienced croquet coaches have kindly volunteered their services to put on these 1-day courses.

Bowdon has chosen to hold a Silver-Gilt course on Sunday, 16th May, for experienced players with handicaps in the range 4 - 8.  The course is concerned entirely with advanced play and is intended for those players who have reached a good standard in handicap play but have little or no experience of advanced play.  There are a limited number of places available for attendees, the allocation of which will be made on a first-come-first-served basis, and is free of charge. Tuition will commence at 10.30am and will last for most of the day; please bring your own lunch.  If you would like to attend then please
send an email to Ken Cooper to see if there is a vacancy.

Please log on to the NW Fed. website to find out what other courses they are running which might be of interest for your level of play.