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Bowdon's Ian Lines played in the New Zealand Open Championship, held at Wanganui, North Island. Chris Clarke and Stephen Mulliner were the other British players involved, plus ex-Bowdon member Jenny Clarke.

Ian played in the Doubles partnered by Michael Wright of New Zealand. As they only won 3 out of 5 games in their block, they did not make the Knock-Out Stage; instead they played in the Manager's Consolation event. Chris & Jenny Clarke were the unlucky losing finalists in the main event.

Ian won all of his games in Block C of the Singles and qualified for the Knock-Out Event. Jenny Clarke provided a commentary on Ian's first match:
"In the second half of the draw another big match-up saw Ian Lines (#3 seed, England) playing Wellington's Phillip Drew. In the first game Ian took the first break to 4back, then broke down at 6 and penult on a TP. Drew did a double peel on Ian and pegged him out. Shortly after Phillip endured one of the least lucky shots he has ever seen: he had laid up in corner 1 (wired from Ian's ball by the peg) and a couple of yards from there, while still on hoop 1. Ian was near hoop 3, only able to see the inlawn ball. Probably assuming the corner wasn't sufficiently guarded, Ian shot at the open ball. Ian's reaction immediately showed that it was an awful shot - however he somehow swung around the peg to hit the ball in corner 1 - 2 yards from his target! Ian finished from there. I'm a bit hazy on game 2 as I was miles from the court and otherwise engaged, however it went something like: Phillip to 4back, Ian hit lift, Phillip missed, Ian finished. (someone's bound to correct any inaccuracies there)."

In the Quarter-final he met an in-form Robert Fletcher and lost in 2 straight games. Jenny commented:
"Ian Lines v Robert Fletcher. On paper an excellent match up. On trivial lawns, a swift game (any errors here based on my recollection of Ian's narrative). Game 1: Robert to 4back 3rd turn, wins +26TP 5th turn. Game 2: Ian went around first. Robert hit lift and TPOd him. Ian approached and ran hoop1, misapproached hoop2 from corner 2 not getting far enough down the sluggish lawn to get a shot at the hoop. Rapidly, Robert finished to win +12TPO"

Chris Clarke had to drop out injured while Stephen Mulliner lost in the final to Paddy Chapman of NZ.
Doubles: Block 1
Sat. 16th:  - beat Reid & Bullen +25tp
                 - beat Bulloch & Lammin +26tp
                 - lost to Roberts & Nuske -15
Sun.17th:  - beat Christie & Harden +21
                 - lost to Skinley & Drew -4
Singles: Block 3
Plays: Jenny Clarke
          Liz Fleming
          David Wickham
          Jane McIntyre
          Graeme McIntyre
          Hamish McIntosh
Doubles: Manager's Consolation
Sun.17th: - lost to McClure & McIntosh -17
Mon.18th: - beat
Marion & John McInnes +26tp
- beat
Ritchie & Filbee +1T
Singles: Knock-Out
Thu. 21st: - Rnd.1 beat Philip Drew +14, +17tp
Fri. 22nd:  - Rnd.2 beat Jarad Keeman +26, +17tp
                 - Qtr.Final lost to Robert Fletcher -26tp, -12tpo
Further details of the Championship can be found by clicking here