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Here is a reminder of some of the events that occurred during the year but only a small percentage of photos held on this web-site are shown on this page. Many more photos from over the years can be accessed via the News page.










David Walters wins Northern Week Steve Moores wins Novices' Tournament Coaching Achievement Award for Ian
Bowdon wins League Trophies at NWF AGM Centenary Gates installed at the club Dinner & Dance

Paddy Chapman wins June Advanced W/E Bowdon Players in Cheshire Team at Inter-Counties Jubilee Fun Day at Bowdon Barbeque Bowdon Team at Southport Festival of Croquet Cheshire wins 8th Alternative Counties

Removal of Tree from Lawn 4
Hot Pot Supper CA Silver Course at Bowdon David Walters wins Heaton Park Millennium Adv. Barry Keen wins May Handicap W/E. Neil Thompson Runner-up at Millennium Short

Hot Pot Supper
Lawn Maintenance
Bowdon Saints win NW Fed. Advanced League
Annual Dinner
New Features at Clubhouse

David Maugham wins North of England Champ. Barry Keen wins Wild Wednesday Andrew Kenyon wins Novices
Ian Lines wins Sandiford Salver at Southport
Adam Swinton wins All-England Handicap title
Jim Potter wins Sheila Black Salver

Clubhouse undergoes refurbishment
Ken Cooper wins May Weekend Handicap Paddy Chapman wins June Advanced W/E Centenary Day Celebrations Cheshire SE win Alternative Counties Ken Cooper wins A Class in Northern Week

Jane Wilkinson wins Wild Wednesday
Keith Aiton wins North of England Champ Brian Rust wins Novices' Tournament Elmyr Hughes wins Bowdon B Adv. Tournament Bowdon wins Mary Rose John Saxby gets CA Diploma

David Maugham wins Peterson Cup in June Adv. W/E
Ken Cooper wins A Class in  Northern Week David Walters wins Plate in Welsh Open
Bowdon players in NW Fed. team v. Australia
MacRobertson Shield Test Series
Mark Lloyd wins Southport Super B tournament

Ian Lines is a Championship Referee
Ian Lines wins Lancs Golf International
Ian Lines wins
 Jubilee Tankard at S'port Open
John Lucas wins May Weekend Handicap
Martin Granger Brown wins Dbls Budleigh Salterton
Richard Smith wins Pendle B Adv. Weekend

Ken Cooper wins A Class in  Northern Week Ken Cooper wins Wild Wednesday Ian Lines wins North of England Championship Derek Watson wins Novices Tournament Mike Sandler wins Bowdon B Level Adv. W/E Bowdon win NWF Midweek
& Adv. Leagues

Ian Lines wins Pendle Advanced David Maugham wins British Men's Championship
Bowdon win Southport Jamboree Francois Garcia wins Bath Handicap Singles John Lucas wins Heaton Park H'cap Tournament Scotland win Alternative Counties Comp.


Margaret Russell wins May Weekend H'cap Mike & Sylvia Steer win at Budleigh Salterton Patrick Cheyne wins Millennium Trophy 7 Bowdon players in Florida World Champs. Cheshire Runners-up in
David Maugham wins June Adv. W/E (10th time)

Elmyr Hughes wins Heaton Park H'cap W/E Short Croquet team are champions Mark Lloyd wins Bowdon B Competition Steve Lewis wins overall Wed. Competition AGM Annual Dinner

Ian Lines wins Crake Valley Adv. Weekend Ian Lines wins Musk Cup David Maugham wins the Faulkner Cup Richard Griffiths Bournemouth Bowl Ian Lines wins the Chairman's Salver at Nailsea Ian Lines wins Southport Advanced

Bowdon win Club Champs. Bowdon beat USA!! 3 club members in Solomon Cup Team Ian Lines wins Northern Week A Class
Margaret Russell wins Wild Wednesday Golf Croquet comes to Bowdon

Ian Lines wins the Coles Champs. David Maugham wins June Adv. Weekend Ian Lines wins Pendle Advanced Weekend Martin Granger Brown wins CA Vets. Champs. Mark Lloyd wins B-Level Adv. W/E at Bristol David Walters Heaton Park June Adv. W/E

Renovations over the Winter
Andrew Winn wins in South Africa Ian Lines wins Plate in WGC Champs Andrew Winn wins Millennium Trophy Hot Pot Supper Ian Lines wins Southport Adv. Weekend

Reg Bamford
NofE Champion
Mary Rose Semi-Final
Inter Club Final
Annual Dinner
Barry McKenzie
Novices Champ
John Lucas
Silver Box
Colin Irwin - June Adv. Runner-up
Colin Irwin
Alternative Counties
Inter Club v Cheltenham
Francois Garcia
Wild Wed. Champ
Rutger Beijederwellen
NofE Runner-up
Andrew Winn in South Africa
Millennium Champ Ian Lines
Hot Pot Supper
May Weekend Champion - David Holland
Cheshire Inter-Counties Team
David Maugham June Advanced Champion
The Blueberry Challenge 'Open' winner - Colin Irwin 'B' Class Winner - Andrew Winn 'C' Class Winner - Sheila Sandham H'cap Doubles Winners-Messrs Larmouth and Widger 'E' Class & 'Short' Winner
 - Paul Widger

Golf Winner - Andrew Winn Silver Box Winner - Jenny Dennis NW Short League Winners Wild Wednesday Winner - Chris Lewis The AGM Novices Winner -  Margaret Russell
The Dinner
Ian Lines on his way to third place in the the Australian Open NW Handicap Lge St. Mary's v. Chester 'E' Class Finalists - Jane Wilkinson and Paul Widger NW Advanced League -  Bowdon v. Crake Valley Ian Lines wins at Heaton Park
Messrs Leckie & Webb line-up a peg out in the H'cap Doubles Steve Lewis sharing out the Wednesday Mars bar
Alternative Counties contestants
Alternative Counties Winners - Cheshire
Winner of Plate
     N of E champs. Sam Tudor
N of E Champs.
Peter Death

N of E Champs  Winner - Keith Aiton
Winner - Edgbaston Open- Martin Granger Brown
Winner - Southport 'B' - John Wastell
Winner - Southport Plate
 - Dennis Graham
Wild Wednesday Winner - Chris Lewis
Swinging Sunday Winner
 - Margaret Russell

Northerns H'cap Doubles Winners - Messrs Lines and Larmouth
Northerns Handicap Singles Winner - David Turner
Northerns Advanced Doubles Winners - Messrs Lines and Linton
Northerns 'A' Class Winner
- Brian Storey
Northerns 'B' Class Winner - Dennis Graham
Northerns 'C' Class Winner
- John Larmouth 
Wednesday Seasonal Champion - Steve Lewis
Colin Irwin does the BBQ
'B' Class winners Mark Lloyd - Bristol, Sylvia Steer - Sidmouth, Richard Griffiths - Parkstone Edgbaston 'B' Class Winner - Andrew Winn
June Advanced Egyptian Winner - Brian Storey
June Advanced Runner-Up
- Ian Lines

June Advanced Winner - David Maugham
The Cheshire Counties Team
The Inter-Club match - Bowdon v Bristol
Beginners Course - Week 1
Beginners Course - Week 2

May Weekend - Winner - Mike Steer
May Weekend - Runner-Up - Sylvia Steer
Rupert Webb in typical action
May Weekend - Egyptian Winner (and Manager) - Lorna Frost
Swinging Sunday
Lawns ready for action - 31/03/06


 The Dinner

Ian Lines
Mike Sandler
 B Class
John Larmouth
D Class
David Tunbridge
E Class

  Lorna Frost  Wednesdays Sue Cooper
 Wild Wednesday 
 Midweek Champs 
Paul Widger
The Coopers
Sam Tudor
 Spencer Ell 

Keith Aiton
 Presidents Cup

Surbiton's lawn 1 on Selectors Day 1
Robert Fulford  Northerns Champion
David Maugham Northerns Runner-Up
Richard Smith
Welsh CA Handicap

Steve Lewis
N. of  Eng Week
 A Class

Richard Griffiths
 N. of  Eng Week
Ian Lines
 N. of  Eng Week
Jenny Williams/Ian Lines
 N of Eng Week
 Adv. Doubles

Rupert Webb/Jerry Guest
N of Eng Week
Handicap Doubles
Roger Deacon
 N. of  Eng Week
 C Class
N. of Eng. Week
 Referees at Work

Steve Lewis - National Seniors Champion
The Alternative Counties Competition
Richard Griffiths
Cripps Memorial Trophy
      Colin Irwin      
The Barbecue
Jenny Williams
Ladies Champion
Jonathan Kirby
June Weekend

Chris Clarke   June Advanced Weekend   Martin Granger Brown

Jenny Williams/Chris Clarke
 Richard Smith 
May W/e Egyptian
Jonathan Toye     
May W/e Runner-up 
John Wastell  
 May W/e Winner 


Andrew Winn (left) -
winner of the 'B' Class
Ian Lines - winner
of the Chairman's
Steve Gibson -
winner of the Novices
Janet Guthrie - winner of the Wednesday Season award Wild Wednesday  Jane Wilkinson 
winner of Wild Wednesday
 Bowdon team play at Pendle's college lawns
Ground improvements
Steve Lewis & Barry Keen - Doubles Winners
World Champion Robert Fulford at the
N of E Champs
Messrs. Beijderwellen, Cordingley and Fulford


The Northerns
Jenny Williams
 'A' Class
The Northerns
Sylvia Steer
'B' Class
The Northerns
Barry Keen
'C' Class
The Northerns
Messrs Linton & Keen  Handicap Doubles
The Northerns
John Wastell
The Northerns
Messrs Lines & Elwell  Advanced Doubles


 The Northerns - Managers -
past and present
 The Northerns
 The Northerns -
The Heavens Opened
Mik Mehas at the Solomon Trophy match at Heaton Park Jeff Soo and Robert Fulford hold the Solomon Trophy

The Solomon Trophy Contestants
B-B-Q Collage
Ken Cooper
Runner-up at
Sylvia Steer
Winner at
The Pennine Cup participants
 Counties Winners


Advanced Week-end - Pendle
Ken Cooper
Winner June Egyptian

David Maugham
Winner June Advanced

Ian Lines  Heaton Park Challenge
Rupert Webb - Runner-up May

Andrew Winn -
Winner May

Richard Smith
Winner May Week-end Egyptian

The May week-end contenders



The Big Dig
Canasta Takes Over
Colin Irwin
Winner Open
Richard Griffiths
Winner 'E' Class

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Tim Dennis
'D' Class
Steve Reynolds
Colin Wild and Brian Medley share the 'B' Class Mike Steer The AGM

Novices Trophy
Last Wednesday Competition of the Season Cecil Davies
Wild Wednesday
John Wilkinson's team win the Secretary's Shield
Tony Camm's Short Croquet team win
NW League
Andrew Winn & Chris Lewis
Winners Doubles
 Pic_DavidGoacher.jpg (76331 bytes)
Ken Cooper
N of E Champs
David Goacher
N of E Champs
Jonathan Kirby
The Northerns -
The Ball was In!!
The Northerns -
Ian Lines
Winner 'A' Class
and Handicap

The Northerns -
Roy Edwards
Winner 'B' Class

The Northerns -
Marcus Evans & Peter Dyke
Winners Advanced Doubles
The Northerns -
Winner 'C' Class
Peter Dyke
The Northerns -
Manager Phil Eardley
The Northerns -
Martin Granger Brown & Ros Pimlott
Winners Handicap
Sylvia  (B Level) and Mike Steer (C Level) both win at Sidmouth
Colin Irwin
Winner -
June Advanced

Colin Irwin
Winner -
Heaton Park

Richard Griffiths
Winner May Week-end


Cooper & Wastell
 win Northerns Doubles
Tim Dennis  wins the Novices
Bowdon win Mary Rose (Walters, Keeble, Cooper, Sandler)
'Los Steers'

Ken Cooper
Winner Sidmouth


 David Maugham
wins President's Cup
Colin Irwin &
David Maugham with
the MacRobertson Shield
Andrew Keeble
wins the Novices






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